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  Atmospheric Plasma Spray Solutions

The flexibility of plasma spray process comes from its ability to develop sufficient energy to melt almost any coating feedstock material to powder form. The plasma gun utilizes a chamber with one or more cathodes (electrodes) and an anode (nozzle). With process gases flowing through the chamber, direct current power is applied to the cathode, which arcs to the anode. The powerful arc strips the gas molecules of their electrons to form a plasma plume. As the unstable plasma ions recombine back to the gaseous state, a tremendous level of thermal energy is released. The feedstock material is injected on to the hot gas plume, where it is melted and propelled towards the target substrate to form coating.

  HVOF Solutions

The HVOF process efficiently combines oxygen and a gaseous or liquid-fuel to produce high kinetic energy with controlled heat input. The coating material, in powder form, is introduced in to and is uniformly heated by the hot gas stream to a molten or semi-molten condition. The flame and powder are accelerated by a converging / diverging nozzle (air cap) to produce supersonic gas and particle velocities, which propel the powder particles toward the substrate to be coated. The powder particles flatten plastically upon impact with the substrate; cooling and solidifying to form the coating. High particle velocities, uniform heating and low dwell time combine to produce coatings that are very dense and tightly bonded to the substrate. Coating chemistries are more predictable and coatings have fine, homogeneous microstructures.

  Wire Combustion Solutions

Sulzer Metco’s Wire Combustion Thermal Spray System sets the industry standard for heavy-duty performance. Wire combustion spray is the time-tested method for applying anti-corrosion coating and for performing dimensional surface restorations. When it comes to devising innovative wire combustion, thermal spray solutions enhance productivity and profitability.


  Electric Arc Wire Spray Solutions

Like all thermal spray processes, electric arc wire process requires a heat source to melt the coating feedstock; however, it is unique in that it does not employ process gases to generate the heat source. The electric arc wire spray process uses two metallic wires, usually of the same composition, as the coating feedstock. The two wires are electrically charged with opposing polarity and are fed in to the arc gun at matched controlled speed. When the wires are brought together at the contact point, the opposing charges on the wires create an arc that continuously melts the tip of the wires. Compressed air is used to atomize the now molten material and accelerate it on to a properly prepared workpiece surface to form the coating.

  Thermal Spraying

In all sectors of industry today, the phrase “better, faster, cheaper” is common and valid, as it seems that production demands are ever increasing. Highly demanding requirements and aggressive service conditions often leads to premature loss of functions.

Shown in figure is a completely worn pelton turbine nozzle needle after some thousand hours of actual service. If this service life is deemed unacceptable, either the entire component must be made of a more wear resistant material, or the area where the wear occurs must be protected. For cost reasons, the usual decision is the latter. This leads to the use of surface coatings. Either the entire component can be coated or just the area prone to attack, whichever best fulfills the requirements.

  Automotive Solutions

Sulzer Metco’s engineered coating solutions help automotive OEMs extend productivity and cut costs without sacrificing quality. Engineered coatings modify a material’s surface and substrate together as a system. This gives effective performance enhancement, which neither the substrate nor the coating can provide on their own. These coatings can be applied under standard atmospheric conditions or in specialized, highly controlled environments, including nearly total vacuum.

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