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MIG/MAG Welding machines  
  Alpha Q 330 / 351 / 551

Inverter welding machines

Smart combination of Cold arc and Force arc

Innovative pulse welding for stainless steel and aluminium

Pipe solution – reduced heat input/less distortion, gap bridging/secure and easy welding

Super pulse – Facilitates switch over of operating points of a process (Cold arc + pulse, Force arc + pulse, Pipe solution + pulse etc.)

Diverse range of accessories and options.

  Phoenix 355/ 405/ 505/ 301/ 401/ 351/ 451 and 551

Multipurpose, highly dynamic with force arc power module

Controlled heat input through one drop per pulse transfer

Short arc with easy weld modelling capabilities for trouble free gap bridging and positional welding

Diverse range of accessories and options

  Taurus 355/405/505/401/351/451 and 551

Universally applicable

Consistent welding results

Precise and reproducible wire feed

Maximum ease of operation

Minimised finishing work for high cost effectiveness.



TIG (lift arc)


TIG Welding Machine
  Pico TIG 180 / 200 Tetrix – 180 / 200/ 230 / 270 / 300 Classic cel / 300-2 / 400-2 / 401FW /351 /45 1/551

DC with synergic control

Easy to use on site

Endless power with one phase main supply

Reliable ignition

Active arc – easy, cost-effective and perfect

Automatic pulsing, spotmatic and programmable

Highly suitable for construction sites

  Pico TIG- 190/ 200 AC-DC Tetrix – 230/ 300/ 351/ 451 and 551

AC/DC with synergic control

Ideal for professional TIG welders with TIG synergic control

Automated pulsing, spotmatic and programmable

Easy to use on site

  Pico 162/180/220 cel puls/ 300 Cel/ 300 Cel pws Taurus 405/505

MMAW Welding Machines

Perfect weld seam even with thick electrodes

Reliable, safe and cost effective

Highly suitable for construction sites

Antistick – an added professional feature



PLASMA/MMA Welding Machine
  Micro plasma 20, 50, 120 Tetrix plasma 150/ 300/ 400/ 350 AC-DC

Plasma DC and AC/DC

Stable even with extremely low current

Directionally stable arc

Narrow heat effected zones

Less decolourisation

Controlled fusion penetration

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