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The products are broadly categorized in to metal families of Cobalt, Nickel and Iron based alloys. They are formulated from a wide range of elemental compositions comprising metal matrix of carbides and other hard facing alloys.

Stellite coated rods - Electrodes

The manual coated electrodes have exceptional welder appeal producing clean, well-defined, defect free beads.

Unique formulated flux - can be used as a multi-positional electrode
Excellent slag detachment
Low hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen content in weld metal help develop mechanical properties
  Products - Cobalt based
Stellite 1 (E)
Stellite 6 (E)
Stellite 12 (E)
Stellite 20 (E)
Stellite 21 (E)
  Products - Nickel based
Nestellec (E)

Stellite cast rods – Plain rods

Continuous cast rods are produced on the very latest multi-strand, computer controlled casters.

As Cast - meets most hardfacing requirements
Densified - Hipped to eliminate any centerline porosity
Ground / Finished - Removes any surface imperfections
  Products - Cobalt based
Stellite 1 (A)
Stellite 6 (A)
Stellite 12 (A)
Stellite 20 (A)
Stellite 21 (A)
  Products - Nickel based
Deloro 40 (A)
Deloro 50 (A)
Deloro 60 (A)
Nestellec (A)

Stellite Powders

Kennametal Stellite is the world leader in high alloy powder manufacturing and has developed a wide range of powders suitable for plasma transferred arc, plasma spray, spray and fuse, powder weld and high velocity oxy-fuel spray processes.

Deloro 15 KS
Deloro 35 KX
Deloro 15 KX
Deloro 35 S
Deloro 21 KX
Deloro 36 KX
Deloro 22 KS
Deloro 38 KX
Deloro 22 KX
Deloro 40 KS
Deloro 25 KS
Deloro 40 KX
Deloro 25 KX
Deloro 40 S
Deloro 29 KS
Deloro 60 KS
Deloro 35 KS
Deloro 60 KX
Deloro 60 S
Stelcar 60 KX

Stellite Wires

Wires are manufactured to exacting dimensional tolerances to insure trouble-free feeding.

Stellite 1    
Stellite 6    
Stellite 12    
Stellite 21    
Stellite 306    
Stellite 250    
Stellite 6 FCAW    
Stellite 12 FCAW    

Spray and Fuse Torch

SPT-100 Oxy-acetylene manual powder spray torch

  Products - Cobalt based
Ideal for extremely thin and dense build up and hard protective coatings
Gives metallurgically bonded coatings, eliminating chances of peel-off
Sleek lightweight handle body with precise gas flow regulators
Rotating knob to save pinch valve from continuous depression during storage
Reliable helical spring controlling lever position
Easily replaceable pinch valve and O-ring
Nozzle and three range tips in copper construction


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