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Cement Application

In particular, the heart of all manufacturing process - the kiln - must always run as first priority. Unscheduled shutdowns must be avoided, primarily to reduce production loss and also to minimise maintenance costs. As a corollary, keeping energy consumption low is an important factor, along with the need to comply with environmental dust control legislation.

Densit wear protection systems is a useful tool in the ongoing battle for continuous improvement and minimum operating costs.

Reliable wear linings are essential for effective maintenance planning and Densit solution offers reliability and long life; less frequent planned maintenance, no unscheduled maintenance and no unexpected leaks. Densit wear protection systems can be designed to minimise heat loss in components, ducts and pipes.

Densit WearFlex 1000

Densit Wear Flex 1000 wear resistant linings provide excellent protection against high abbrasive wear at temperatures up to 400°C (750°F).

Densit WearFlex 2000

Densit Wear Flex 2000 wear resistant linings provide superior protection against heavy erosive wear at temperatures up to 400°C (750°F).

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