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Duralox: Wear-resistant ceramic tiles

Duralox is a single component oxide of corundum crystals bonded by solid state reaction during the sintering process. It is a specially developed proprietary alumina ceramic composite containing 92% micro fine alpha alumina crystals, most suitable composite for producing wear & corrosion-resistant lining tiles and components.

Duralox wear-resistant tiles are sapphire hard, tough, inert, non porous, smooth in surface and resistant to abrasion-corrosion under most severe conditions extending the productive life of a wide variety of bulk material handling and processing equipment.


Duralox out performs 85-87% alumina content ceramic materials and excels tool steel, stainless steel and nickel chrome super alloys by as much as 40 times and weighs less than one half of the weight of steel.


High wear resistance due to sapphire hard impervious and tough structure

Superior resistance to corrosion

Free flow of materials due to smooth surface finish

Close fit of ceramic to ceramic /steel ensures improved life of equipment

Cad based designs

Technical team to provide recommendations for selection of liners

Dedicated field installation crew

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