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Hard & Compact ; Smooth & Inert ; Withstands High-Abrasion & Corrosion

In any of the process industries, especially steel and cement, corrosion and abrasion lead to significant downtime of the plant. Further, the useful life of the equipment itself may get impaired because of high abrasive nature of the materials being used. Thus, ‘wear mechanism’ results in shutdown, replacement, etc., which is costly, resulting in loss to the tune of millions of rupees. For resistance to wear, ceramic lined bends, straight pipes, etc., are ideal.

Ceramic liner is made from selected high purity synthetic alpha alumina powder. The raw mix composite is wet milled to micro-fine particle size of around 2.5 microns. The composite slurry is spray-dried to form homogeneous free-flowing spherical granules. The granules are thereafter pressed in tungsten carbide moulding tools (automatic uni-axial dry powder compacting presses) under high pressure. The pressed lining tiles and components are sintered at high temperatures of around 1600° C in microprocessor controlled gas fired tunnel shuttle kilns in natural oxide atmosphere to form an impervious tough material with a firing density of 3.7gms/cc. High temperature sintering and typical manufacturing process makes the structure extremely compact, tough and of significant hardness to withstand high abrasion and impact in most difficult and critical operating conditions.

Salient Features

High resistance to all types of chemicals
High resistance to sliding abrasion
Non wet ability and smooth surface results in easy flow of materials
Can withstand temperature of up to 200°C
Smaller ID of 30 mm can also be manufactured
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