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Convert Soft Surfaces to Sapphire Hard

Aluma-Coat is a matrix mixture of sapphire hard spherical high alumina micro beads doped in epoxy resin. The high alumina content provides surface resistance to sliding abrasion and chemical attack (except hydrofluoric acid).

The formulation permits both vertical and horizontal application with simple hand trowel and can be molded in to a wide variety of shapes and patterns.


Excellent to convert soft surfaces to chemical, corrosion and abrasive resistance
Food grade certified by fraunhofer –germany
Resistant to all the chemicals
Can withstand temperature up to 150°C
No primer required before coating
Easy to apply – grit blasting the surface and directly spray alumacoat-BR
No baking required , curing for 24 hrs in natural atmosphere
No bad odour
It is not brittle unlike glass coating
Tested for 5000ppm saline solution for 1030 hrs without any change in coating as per ASTM B 117
It is impervious , no algae etc., sticks to the surface

Versatile Refractory Coat with Many Faceted Role

Zircoat is a Zirconia-rich, high temperature, erosion/corrosion resistant ceramic refractory coating compound.

It seals cracks developed on the inside walls of combustion chambers and prevents loss of hot gases escaping through them; thus converting fuel energy loss which experts conservatively estimate at around 33%. Zircoat has been vigorously tested at 1300° to 1780° in electric and gas fired kilns and performance has been found to be extremely satisfactory. Zircoat considerably prolongs the life of refractories and steel shells of high-low temperature kilns.

Zircoat marks the development of a unique refractory coating compound, which will prove greatly beneficial to industries where erosion/corrosion is a severe and chronic problem.


Easy to apply by trowel, brush or spraying
Excellent dry strength
Excellent resistance to powdering
Good chemical resistant
Provides good adhesion
Easy to mix
Gas tight surface without spalling or crack at 1800°C
Porosity of approximately 22% at severe temperature of 1350°C
Reduction in slag adhesion
Resistant to severe attack and sand blasting effect of burning fuel oil
Considerable increase in service life of refractory linings and heating systems
Odourless and non-hazardous
Resistant to the influence of steam, acids, alkalies, fumes of sulphur, vanadium compounds and molten metals
Good adhesion to metals, refractory bricks, monolithic, castables and ceramic fibre modules etc
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