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Thermal spray coating involves the use of a torch to heat a material which is either in powder or wire form, to a molten or near molten state and the use of gas to propel the material on to a targeted substrate, creating a completely new surface. Basically it involves the use of Kinetic energy. The coating material may be a single element, alloy or compound with unique physical properties that are in most cases achievable only through thermal spray process. The varieties of products and coatings that can be enhanced by thermal spray are virtually limitless. Coatings can be made on metallic, ceramic, plastic or any desired combination to meet a range of physical criteria.

  Benefits of Thermal Spray Coating
Resists wear
Retards corrosion
Enhances electrical properties
Elongates component’s life
Cost reduction through better performance and lower maintenance
  Oerlikon Metco

Oerlikon Metco – USA/Switzerland are the global leaders in thermal spray technology, solutions and services. Ador Fontech Limited has been their exclusive distributor/agent in India for nearly three decades.

  Product Portfolio
Thermal spray consumables
Equipment and integrated systems
  Application Processes
Combustion wire flame spray process
Combustion powder flame spray process
Electric arc wire spray process
Plasma spray process
HVOF (High velocity oxy-fuel) spray process
Controlled atmospheric plasma spray process, robotic and integrated systems.
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