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Fume Extraction Solution

Need for fume extraction

The metal industry produces all sorts of contamination - welding fumes, grinding dust, oil mist etc. The welders and personnel in work areas are exposed to these contaminants. It is therefore essential to create a healthy and safe working condition, by reducing these risks to health. Protective measures are an important aspect of this. So important, in fact, that strict international standards have been established to regulate them. Welding fumes, small particles and remains of molten metal, must be dealt with effectively, by means of efficient extraction and filtration system. This ensures that workers feel better, enabling them to perform better. The result is higher productivity and lower absenteeism.

Portable Extraction

Dust Collector

Portable high-vacuum dust and fume filter- PHV

PHV is a portable high vacuum welding fume extractor. It is equipped with two motors and an automatic start/stop device. The extracted welding fume first passes through a metal pre-separator and then goes through the Dura-H main filter, which is integrated to aluminium pre-filters. The air leaves the unit through a HEPA filter. An activated carbon filter can be installed as an option.


MIG-MAG/GMAW welding
TIG welding
FCAW welding
Stick / MMAW welding

Mobile Filter Units

Mobile Welding Fume Extractor with disposable filter - MFD
MFD features an aluminium spark arrester and a square disposable cellulose filter cartridge. This filter cartridge is provided with a pre-coat to extend the life-span and efficiency of the filter. MFD is suitable to be used in relatively small facilities or near sources of pollution without a fixed location.

Mobile Welding Fume Extractor with Electrostatic Filter – MFE
MFE also features an aluminium spark arrester with an added feature of industrial electrostatic filter consisting of two separate sections (ionizer and collector). It is suitable for extraction of welding fumes originating from oil treated steel. The open filter structure ensures a constant suction level. The aluminium filter is easy to clean and the filters do not have to be replaced.

Mobile Welding Fume Extractor with Self Cleaning Filters - MFS
MFS features an aluminium spark arrester and a round cellulose filter cartridge. This filter cartridge is provided with a pre-coat to extend the lifespan and efficiency of the filter. It is fitted with a Robo Clean system for automatic section-wise cleaning of the filter cartridge by externally supplied compressed air. Dust and dirt particles end up in the dust tray underneath the unit.


MIG-MAG/GMAW welding
TIG welding
FCAW welding
Stick / MMAW welding
Stationary Extraction

Wall-mounted filters

Stationary welding fume filter with disposable cartridge– SFD
The SFD stationary welding fume filter has a 50 m2 cartridge and it is designed for infrequent and temporary filtering of welding fumes.

SFD filter is a mechanical system, which does not require additional electric connection. It gives an easy, efficient and economical solution to the problem of dry welding fumes. It includes a filter pollution indicator, which shows when the filter has to be replaced. The filter can be used simultaneously on two welding stations.

Stationary self-cleaning welding fume filter - SFS
SFS is fitted with a RoboClean system for automatic section-wise cleaning of the filter cartridge by compressed air.

Modular Extraction Hood System
When source extraction is impossible, modular extraction hoods can be the best answer to extract welding fumes. It can easily be put together on the spot, suspended from the ceiling or used as a free standing unit on aluminium legs. Extraction hoods can cover a welding area, e.g. a robotic installation. This is a very effective way to extract welding fumes near the actual process. Modular extraction hood not only reduces the amount of fumes, small particles, fine dust, spark and spatter, but also mist and aerosols in the workshop atmosphere.

Push-Pull System
Push-pull system involves duct-work and in combination with the right filter unit and fan, welding fumes can be controlled very effectively. It has the additional advantage that expensively heated air stays within the workshop and occupational exposure levels are kept within acceptable standards. The result is cleaner, healthier work environment and at the same time saving from energy costs. Basically, welding fumes rise due to heat. At a certain level - due to cooling process - the same temperature level will be reached and a fume layer arises. The push-pull system moves this layer in a controlled way to a particular height (usually between four and six meters) where the air gets filtered and re-circulated. This way the smaller particles cannot cool down and return to work level, which means less fine dust on the work floor.

Centralised Extraction with Multiple Arms
Plymovent offers wide range of extraction arms for at-source capture of welding fumes and grinding dust. Different arm lengths and diameters specific to certain processes and applications can be integrated to a common duct. By fitting the right fan, filter, control box and arms to one system, optimum extraction is guaranteed. Various settings are possible depending on the local conditions such as flexibility, energy, users’ ease and noise level.

Optimum Protection

Downdraft Table
The Plymovent downdraft table combines innovation and safety in a smart design, with an extremely low noise level. It is basically a workbench with an extraction/ filtration system fitted on to it. The table removes dust and fumes from the breathing zone of the welder by drawing these through the work surface and/or the back panel.

The downdraft table can be placed anywhere, even inside a welding booth.

The downdraft table meets strict international guidelines for welding fumes. It has an advanced, three-way spark arrester that guarantees optimum safety.

Flexible Solution

Diluter System
Another general filtration solution is the Diluter system, a smart solution in large workshops with various welding processes and changing activities. Especially developed to reduce the concentration of welding fumes through extracting polluted air and injecting clean air. The result is reduction in the concentration of fumes to lower levels thereby guaranteeing a clean work environment.
Diluter systems are the solution, when source extraction and hoods are not an option where large pieces of metals are fabricated and various welding processes takes place at continuously changing locations and ductwork is difficult to install. The Diluter system has been designed especially for light to medium welding processes.


Continuous filtration of polluted air
Reduces the background concentration of welding fumes
No duct-work, thus cost-saving
Easy to install
Suits almost any working environment


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