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Cepro welding curtains and strips comply with European Standard (PR-EN-1598) and are intended to be applied in workplaces where both workers and bystanders must be protected against dangerous radiations that emanate during welding. They offer protection against dangerous Blue Light and Ultra Violet (UV) rays. In case of prolonged exposure, these rays can cause actinic conjunctivitis and even cataract.

Strips and curtains offer the same visual protection. The choice is determined by the mechanical load to which the partition is exposed. When there is a large or regular mechanical load, it is advisable to use strips with a thickness of 2 mm, since they last longer than curtains (0.40 to 0.45 mm thick).

Cepro welding curtains have a standard width of 1400 mm and are available in heights of 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2400, 2600, 2800 and 3000 mm. The curtains are provided with 5 mm wide edge all round, 7 suspension eyes and snap-fasteners at the sides, which allows the curtains to be coupled to each other easily.

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