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As a result of continuous analysis and evaluation of end-user needs, the product spectrum consists of low-heat input alloys, solid and flux-cored wires, welding and cutting equipment, fume extraction products, ceramic lined components, in-situ machining systems, thermal spray products, hands-on rebuilding and reclamation services.
In addition to in-house manufacturing, the Company exclusively represents internationally well-known brands in India.
ADFL Brands


    Low Heat Input Welding Alloys
    Thermal Spray Technology, Products and Solutions
    Flux Cored Arc Welding Wires
    Cobalt & Nickel Based Alloys and Cast Components
    Welding Equipment, Welder Safety & Environmental Products
    High-tech Welding Power Source and Systems
    Reclamation Services and Jobworks
    Arc Resistance Welding and Plasma Cutting Equipment
    Composite Wear Plates
    Welding Fume Extraction Systems
    Robust and User Friendly Welding Equipment
    Flux in the Flame
    Thermal Spray Products and Solutions
    Thermal Insulation Solutions
    Wide Range of Rectifier, Inverter and Plasma Cutting Equipment
    Welding Spot Separation and Welder Safety Products
    Wear-resistant Tiles and Refractory Compounds
    Wear Protection High Strength Compounds
    CNC Laser and Plasma Cutting Systems
    High Strength Steel Wear Plates


Welding Equipment


Wear Products

Safety Products

Thermal Spray

Welding Electrodes

TIG MIG Filler Rods

Tubular Alloys

EWM Range

CEA Range

Tornado Range


Cutting Automation

Welding Automation

Wear Resistant Alloys

Ceramic Products

Wear Plates

Flux Cored Wires

Fume Extraction

Curtains & Strips

Welding Helmets

Thermal Insulation

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