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SPCP 0010

Fully austenitic stainless steel electrode deposit having nil ferrite

SPEM 0010

Electrode for high strength and extreme crack resistance

SPHF 0020

Hardfacing electrode with excellent abrasion and good impact resistance

SPRW 0020

Carbon, manganese steel electrode for welding mild steel and medium tensile steels

SPRW 0030

Austenitic stainless steel electrode with controlled ferrite content

SPRW 0040

Austenitic stainless steel electrode for welding AISI 316, 316L

SPHF 043

Chromium-iron type alloyed electrode for good temperature and abrasion resistance

SPSP 0050

Nickel base super - alloy electrode

SPFR 0070

Electrode for welding dissimilar types of steels

SPGW 0070

General purpose electrode for welding mild and structural steels

SPDF 0072

Electrode for joining high tensile armour grade steel, austenitic manganese steel, etc.

SPZB 0080

Electrode specially developed for fabricating or repairing hot dip galvanizing bath / containers

SPFM 0090

Austenitic SS electrode for resistance against various types of corrosion in fertilizer machinery

SPFI 0100

For repair of dies in forging industry

SPCS 0200

Hard surfacing of components subject to severe wear conditions

SPCP 0300

Low ferrite electrode for welding reactors in urea plant

SPDF 0300

New generation austenitic stainless steel electrode with special features

SPAC 0400

Electrode for welding Inconel 600 and similar nickel based, composition alloys

SPAC 0500

Basic flux coated electrode with excellent weldability

SPCP 0500

Excellent corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel electrode

SPCI 0600

Electrode for welding high strength nodular cast iron

SPCP 2209

Electrode for welding corrosion resistant duplex stainless steels

SPDF 4800

Ultra low hydrogen electrode for welding of quenched & tempered high tensile steels
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