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LH 708

Hot work tool steel electrode

LH 710

Electrode for tough and wear-resistant against friction

LH 710 BF

Specially designed electrode for surfacing of dies and tools in forging industry

LH 711

Highly wear resistant with tough surfacing electrode deposit

LH 713

Austenitic manganese steel electrode for high impact resistance

LH 714 S

High deposition manganese steel electrode

LH 715

Electrode with high speed steel deposit

LH 718

Electrode for abrasive and corrosive conditions at elevated temperatures

LH 720

Surfacing electrode with chromium carbide for abrasion resistance

LH 721

Alloy containing tungsten carbides

LH 725

Surfacing electrode with chromium carbide deposits

LH 726 B

Special cobalt-based alloy for surfacing plain carbon and alloy steels

LH 738 S

Spray type, extra high, wear-resistant electrode having complex carbides with globular deposition

LH 740 S

Hardfacing electrode with very high metal recovery

LH 743 N

Electrode with high chromium carbide deposit for excellent resistance to abrasion and heat

LH 743 S

Hard surfacing electrode with very high metal recovery for excellent resistance against abrasion

LH 745 S

Surfacing electrode with exceptional hardness and abrasion resistance

LH 7141

High deposition efficiency manganese steel electrode specially desgined for surfacing rail crossings

LH 7191

High tensile, tough, austenitic manganese steel alloy

LH 7251

Surfacing electrode with chromium carbide deposits

LH 7430

Electrode for excellent abrasion resistance

LH 7450

Electrode with extreme resistance to abrasion at high temperatures

LH 7461

Highly abrasion-resistant, hard-surfacing electrode with very high metal recovery
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