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The TORNADOAUTO series heavy duty column and boom is specifically designed and built to withstand rugged and tough work environment.

Vertical and horizontal rails are precisely machined for smooth and steady travel, with minimized sagging

It is fitted with latest Variable frequency device (VFD)

Standardised safety features includes an anti-fall device and required limit switches

Single control panel for easy operation (Including control switches for Welding, Rotator and Positioner)

Available in five models to suit exact customer’s requirement

Factory fitted welding power source for best welding performance


TZ - Stationary column with no trolley

TZ1 - Stationary column with trolley

TZ3 - Stationary column with electrical driven trolley

TZ4 - Electrically driven - column and trolley

  Size: Ranges from 2 m by 2 m up to a maximum of 8 m by 8 m
Positioners are used for powered variable speed, tilting, rotating and to increase welding productivity
Positioner table has ‘Specified markings’ and several ‘T’ type grooves facilitating different kinds of orientation
High quality frequency converter is used to achieve 360° step less rotation with angle variation up to 120°
Generally no foundation is required and can be steadily fixed on to the floor/ground
Can be readily interfaced with compatible devices
Size: 0.5 tons to 20 tons
Consists of one powered roller and one idler, which can be used to bear and weld round barrel work piece
Latest VFD for smooth rotation
Parameters can be pre-set and displayed digitally
Remote control function for start, rotation and stop functions (clockwise and anti clockwise)
Self-aligning rotator can automatically adjust distance from the centre
Size: 5 tons to 100 tons
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