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Tornado series CNC cutting machine is configured and integrated with essential components to achieve high speed, high acceleration and maneuvering capabilities to deliver best quality standards, achievable from thermal cutting process.
Five different models are available to cover different industrial needs.
  Mini CNC
Mini CNC is a rugged, high-speed, cantilever type portable CNC cutting machine. It is a fast driven (24 M/min) system with heavy duty track (420 mm width) for steady and precision cutting. The equipment facilitates both computer aided and manual drawing, which can be nested and converted in to the required G-code through a nesting software. The G-code can be transferred on to a CNC controller through an USB key. Thereafter, the CNC controller regenerates the drawing operation for cutting to be effected.
Width: 1.5 m by 3.0 m
Length: Option up to 10 m
  Mini Cut
MiniCut CNC plasma/flame cutting machine is a small gantry cutting machine. The equipment comes as a ready to use machine with a standard rail, H-beam and plasma unit both on the front and rear side.
Width: 1.2 m by 2m
Length: Option up to 10 m
  Eco Cut
Economical range of machine mainly used in structural fabrication industry. It provides stable performance, excellent cut quality and low maintenance cost.
General size: 3.0 m by 6.0 m
Length: As per requirement
  Smart Cut
It comes as a heavy duty box with gantry type and precision rail for high speed cutting. It supports "Hypertherm True Hole", unique overhead transverse driven system for fast, stable and extended life. The unique side mounted control panel also facilitates elimination of dust, fumes and heat during cutting operation.
Width: 3.5 m by 8.5 m
Length: As per requirement
  Max Cut
MaxCUT is a multi-function and heavy duty plasma/flame cutting machine. It can be used for dry/under water plasma; single and twin plasma bevel cutting; rotary flame bevel cutting; powder marking; gravity and high frequency punching.
Width: 6 m by 12 m
Length: As per requirement

Equipment can be manufactured and integrated to suit customer’s requirement

Highly rigid gantry design provides reliable, high speed and performance flame cutting

Models are synchronized with AC dual servo drive for longitudinal drive and high accuracy cutting

Hypertherm range of controller is provided as a part of standard package

LCD touch screen and full colour display for gantry type of models

Overhead transverse driven system

Side machined rails for longitudinal movements

Down draft/waterbed/simple cutting table can be provided as an option

Cutting and positioning speed up to 20000 mm/min

User friendly controller and nesting software

Excellent service network

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